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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Silent valley

Silent Valley National Park is called Sairandhrivanam (the forest in the valley).
The rain forest has moist tropical evergreen trees with teak, rosewood, amla, bamboo and semal. Apart from this there are tropical hill forests, temperate forests and grasslands. The wildlife in Silent Valley National Park includes elephants, tigers, leopards, wild boar, sambhar, gaur and the endangered lion-tailed macaque.
There are also a number of snake, lizard and amphibian species in the Silent Valley National Park.
The Silent Valley National Park is located in the Kundali Hills in Kerala, along the hill ranges known as the
Western Ghats. The Silent Valley is considered to be the last pristine region of tropical evergreen forest in India and is an area rich in biodiversity. The lush tropical greenery, undulating slopes, hills and rivers make the Silent Valley National Park a beautiful wildlife tourism destination in Kerala, India.

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